Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The day when I was born couple of decades ago


13th Feb is my birth date. 

Even the days counted and it gets you older and older, I remain my mind young by keeping learning and learning. 

Always thanks the mother who gave you birth and your father who works so hard to feed you.

Even how big you are, they see you as their little kid always.

Big girl never cries,
Dyana Zainudin.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Hello America!


Last night, I watched 'Oh! My English; Hello America!'.. The movie was good even they don't really emphasize on learning English in that movie. As it's known as one of the program to learn how to speak English in English way and not Malaysian-English way. It's a good show. However, what has come to my concern is that, I'm not sure whether the producer of this movie has already made a good research about 'Malaysia' thoroughly before making the movie? 

What I can see, American seems not quite sure where 'Malaysia' is and it's kept repeating over and over until the end of the movie. There's some part showed American are confused between Malaysia and Malawi. It's either two ways:-

1. The producer wanted to show that American didn't learn world map on the geography subject quite well or their lack of education in geography so American is so dumb for not knowing where Malaysia is


2. Malaysia is unknown to the world?

If it's no. 1 - I don't have comments on that.

If it's no. 2 - Well, hello.. Are you living in B.C centuries? I've been to many countries and when I say I'm from Malaysia, people know Malaysia. Even they love Malaysia. I never had any of single problem or experience to describe where Malaysia is. Malaysia is well known as 'beautiful country and nice people'. 

So, I enjoyed the movie by kind of stupid elements in the movie (if it's no. 2). Shame on the producer (if it's no. 2).

Malaysia Vision 2020,
Dyana Zainudin.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year 2014!!


New Year Eve 2014 in London with so massive crowd, cold and showering. I celebrated my new year last night by watching Dhoom3 at The O2 Arena. After finished watching at 6pm then I had my buffet dinner at Jimmy's World Grill & Bar. Lots of oriental foods there and my most favourite dish that I had is Fish Curry. Oh! That's awesome I could say. And yes, watched fireworks. dhoom! dhoom! dhoom!

Happy New Year 2014 Everyone!!

May 2014 brings you more joy and happiness ;)

Sayonara my precious 2013,
Dyana Zainudin.

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

London - Hull - Rotterdam - Amsterdam - Rotterdam - York - Hull - London in 3 days 2 nights


Now is quarter past twelve and I should get ready for a movie at the O2, however, I felt like to update my blog since long time didn't bump here. Here some of my shots in Amsterdam and York. I didn't really take pictures in every moment at each place so as what I have and yes, that's the best shot for me.

That's all from me, till then.. See you next year!!

Happy New Year 2014 everyone!!

2013 with love,
Dyana Zainudin.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

“Autumn is a Second Spring when Every Leaf is a Flower.”


I went to Hillyfield last weekend before the ManU match against Arsenal. Yeah! ManU won 'one nil one nil'! Not to celebrate much. Whatever it is, Arsenal still hit the top. So ManU, gradually climbing up the table. Hopefully.

I usually watch football match at Ruse Bar, it's near to my college in between London Bridge and Elephant & Castle. The bar tender already can guess it's either apple juice or grape juice when they see me come in. Okay, let's talk about autumn. Too much explanation is not worth to read, junk. So, yes. That's it. Just to share some photos that I took last week. However, the golden couldn't really captured as maybe because of the sun reflection? or Samsung can't beat iPhone? or user problem? or or or?

I found this funny quote from Jarod Kintz:-

"I want to say something so embarrassing about September that even the leaves start blushing and turning red."


Autumn has always been my favorite season.

The fallen heart,
Dyana Zainudin.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The 5th November Bonfire Night

'Remember, Remember, the 5th of November,
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
Should ever be forgot'

After doing my reading at research room, I walked down to undergrad building just to greet one of a staff. Poor him have to work till midnight. Lol! Luckily, they invited me to play sparklers! And I was like "let's play and do a story telling about these sparklers and fireworks after this" They were super excited to tell the story but with a condition, we have to walk to the House of Parliament and sit there with a cup of coffee and cookies.

The story begins, they have this celebration for over 400 years and celebrate it every year with fireworks, firecrackers and sparklers when November begin. This is a remembrance of King James I that saved from getting blown up by Guy Fawkes. Why Guy Fawkes and conspirators hate King James I? It is because Britain practices protestant and Guy Fawkes and other conspirators are Catholics. At that time, King James I had announced that no one could practice Catholic! Because of that, Guy Fawkes had planned to blow up the House of Parliament on 5th of November 1605. However, the plan wasn't successful as King James I received a note from one of the MP saying 'do not go to the House of Parliament, something bad will happen'. This note was sent by one of a conspirator as in his thought, 'there are quite a number of MP that practice catholic (secretly)'. So, I make it short. Guy Fawkes and all conspirators got caught and King James I proudly announced to all people to celebrate the night as he saved and the place is saved from getting blown up. Imagine what would happen if the mission is successful? There'll be many innocent people will get killed. 

If we ask the kids here, 'Who is trying to blow up the House of Parliament?', they would definitely answer 'Guy Fawkes!!!'

What a great night tonight.

Got to share some photos, enjoy!.

'Practice Puts Brains in Your Muscles',

Dyana Zainudin. 

Monday, 28 October 2013

Severe Storm hits London


When I was sleeping last night, suddenly I heard strong wind knocking on my window and it was like too noisy. I knew there'll be severe storm here in London but I didn't know it'll be too scary. As yesterday, I was at The Dochester and stuck there because of heavy rain, strong wind and obviously cold. I managed to take a black cab back home and reached at 1am in the morning. Back to where begin, then I woke up and walked to my window and I can see a massive wind blew the tree left and right like how we see grass. I forgot to record the moment. Oh man! And this morning, as usual I switched on BBC News channel. Die, injuries, flight delayed, public transport suspended. I suddenly ran down to see what happen outside my house, hopefully no car got hit by the tree. Alhamdullilah, nothing happened here. I'm still here in my room and I don't want to go out as it too risky for me even though the news has announced everything is back to normal. Here I share some photos taken from BBC News.

Be safe wherever you are.

Heart Disaster,
Dyana Zainudin.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Permulaan yang Baru


Saya telah membuat clean up bagi posts blog saya yang lepas. After thoroughly reading on my previous posts, it would probably need to be deleted as I'm young no more. What has passed let it be passed. Since I'm 22 been blogging here. There were stories which I should and shouldn't forget. Now, I'm 28 and things have come from thought; none other than to finish my doctorate thesis and becoming someone that's able to contribute to my beloved country. Surely, experiences are the best teacher. Keep it up. Love from London. 

See you another time.

Dyana Zainudin.