Sunday, 19 January 2014

Hello America!


Last night, I watched 'Oh! My English; Hello America!'.. The movie was good even they don't really emphasize on learning English in that movie. As it's known as one of the program to learn how to speak English in English way and not Malaysian-English way. It's a good show. However, what has come to my concern is that, I'm not sure whether the producer of this movie has already made a good research about 'Malaysia' thoroughly before making the movie? 

What I can see, American seems not quite sure where 'Malaysia' is and it's kept repeating over and over until the end of the movie. There's some part showed American are confused between Malaysia and Malawi. It's either two ways:-

1. The producer wanted to show that American didn't learn world map on the geography subject quite well or their lack of education in geography so American is so dumb for not knowing where Malaysia is


2. Malaysia is unknown to the world?

If it's no. 1 - I don't have comments on that.

If it's no. 2 - Well, hello.. Are you living in B.C centuries? I've been to many countries and when I say I'm from Malaysia, people know Malaysia. Even they love Malaysia. I never had any of single problem or experience to describe where Malaysia is. Malaysia is well known as 'beautiful country and nice people'. 

So, I enjoyed the movie by kind of stupid elements in the movie (if it's no. 2). Shame on the producer (if it's no. 2).

Malaysia Vision 2020,
Dyana Zainudin.