Monday, 28 October 2013

Severe Storm hits London


When I was sleeping last night, suddenly I heard strong wind knocking on my window and it was like too noisy. I knew there'll be severe storm here in London but I didn't know it'll be too scary. As yesterday, I was at The Dochester and stuck there because of heavy rain, strong wind and obviously cold. I managed to take a black cab back home and reached at 1am in the morning. Back to where begin, then I woke up and walked to my window and I can see a massive wind blew the tree left and right like how we see grass. I forgot to record the moment. Oh man! And this morning, as usual I switched on BBC News channel. Die, injuries, flight delayed, public transport suspended. I suddenly ran down to see what happen outside my house, hopefully no car got hit by the tree. Alhamdullilah, nothing happened here. I'm still here in my room and I don't want to go out as it too risky for me even though the news has announced everything is back to normal. Here I share some photos taken from BBC News.

Be safe wherever you are.

Heart Disaster,
Dyana Zainudin.